Tank Batteries

Yigit Aku A.S. meets almost the whole battery demand of the Turkish Armed Forces with the Nato Batteries produced as a result of its R&D studies and used for military purposes in the international defence industries.

  • Yigit Aku products are used by many armed forces throughout the World.
  • Long range Cirit missile firing systems and batteries
  • Cobra and Akrep night vision and thermal camera batteries
  • Dragon and Cadillac Panzers batteries
  • Leopard tanks batteries
  • Storm Howitzers batteries
  • Radio Breaker batteries
  • Monitoring and Direction Finding systems batteries
  • All of the work of supply of energy needs of all police stations (Kalekol) constructed in the East and Southeast
  • Ejder armored combat vehicle batteries
  • Riot Control Vehicles TOMA batteries
  • Pars rmored vehicle project. Sample was given. Tests are ongoing.
  • Tank batteries of Turkish, Spain, Canada, France, Chilean, Romanian, Greek and Kuwaiti armies
  • Military Tanks
  • Panzers
  • Marine Boats

Technical Table

Code DIN Group Voltage C20 C5 RC AEN (-18°C) SAE(-18°C) Lenght (-18°C) Widht Height Layout Terminal Type Hold Down
6002019 D7 12 100 80 179 640 680 286 270 230 2 1 B00
6002120 D7 12 100 80 179 640 680 286 270 230 2 1 B00
6252016 D7 12 125 100 234 800 850 286 270 230 2 1 B00
Reverse polarity are available..

Nato Type Gel Batteries Technical Table

Code NATO Code Voltage Capacity [Ah] Box Type Weight +-%3 [kg] Dimensions L/W/H [mm] C20 C10 C5 C3 Terminal Type
YGE12-120T 6140 2706 33729 12 120 D7 39,2 284/265/205-224 120,0 112,5 100,0 94,3 A-S
Gel Battery, Especially Designed for Military Tanks and Panzers
Military-purpose batteries tested under the most severe climate, road and laboratory conditions are produced in highly delicate conditions. These batteries are produced by firms that have advanced laboratory equipment and know-how technique Tank-Akusu-JelMilitary-purpose batteries are used for generating power to operate the electronical devices, except the Starter Function and the communication between tanks, panzers and headquarters. These batteries also have vital importance in terms of the power demand of the night vision glasses, thermal cameras and devices which makes the necessary calculations for pinpointing.
It must be taken into consideration that even a minor error in these vehicles which carry soldiers or cops can cause tragic results such as loss of lives or severe injuries.This kind of batteries which is typically imported from abroad are now produced in the facilities of Yigit Aku A.S. Today, Yigit Aku Gel Energy is utilized in the police panzers and military tanks.Features of Gel Battery

  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Special Gel formula and VRLA (valved) plugs prevent water loss.
  • High Resistant plates under the vibrant conditions





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